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Club Logo

The requirements for a design for the Auckland Blues Club’s logo was pretty simple… it must be representative of the club.
By that we meant respectful of the blues tradition, but at the same time modern and not stereo-typical and it must include an element of Auckland.
It must be have been able to be re-produced on a computer for use in things like the web site, membership cards and letter head, as well as being scalable to work on T-shirts, caps, banners, signs and posters etc…
The club’s name could have been included in the logo itself or on top or underneath it in a font sympathetic to the design.

The logo design the club has chosen to use has been designed by Steve Sussex of Sussex Design.
Steve is also the bass player with the band Los Diablos.

We believe it combines all our requirements perfectly.



We hope you will see and recognise this logo in many places around the city in the future.